Sermons in MP3 - 2008

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7021  Dec-31-2008  Wednesday PM   What The Big Picture Is About Pastor Grace 
7019  Dec-28-2008  Sunday AM   Redeeming the Time Pastor Grace 
7019  Jan-22-2009    Sermon Notes (7019-122808a.pdf)  
7018  Dec-24-2008  Wednesday PM   The Real Celebration of Christmas Pastor Grace 
7017  Dec-21-2008  Sunday AM   Jesus - Friend of Sinners Pastor Grace 
7016  Dec-17-2008  Wednesday PM   I Samuel (Lesson 1) Pastor Grace 
7015  Dec-14-2008  Sunday PM   I Corinthians Study (Part 10) Pastor Grace 
7014  Dec-14-2008  Sunday AM   Song of Solomon Pastor Grace 
7013  Dec-10-2008  Wednesday PM   Ruth-Chapter 4 (Lesson 5) Pastor Grace 
7012  Dec-07-2017  Sunday AM   Conclusion of the Whole Matter Pastor Grace 
7011  Nov-30-2008  Sunday PM   I Corinthians Study (Part 9) Pastor Grace 
7010  Nov-30-2008  Sunday AM   Disobedience and Decline Pastor Grace 
7009  Nov-26-2008  Wednesday PM   Ruth-Chapter 3 (Lesson 4) Pastor Grace 
7008  Nov-23-2008  Sunday PM   I Corinthians Study (Part 7) Pastor Grace 
7007  Nov-23-2008  Sunday AM   The Davidic Covenant Pastor Grace 
7006  Nov-19-2008  Wednesday PM   Ruth-Chapter 2 (Lesson 3) Pastor Grace 
7005  Nov-16-2008  Sunday PM   I Corinthians Study (Part 7) Pastor Grace 
7004  Nov-16-2008  Sunday AM services  Dedication of the Temple Pastor Grace 
7003  Nov-12-2008  Wednesday PM   Ruth-Chapter 1 (Lesson 2) Pastor Grace 
7002  Nov-09-2017  Sunday PM   I Corinthians Study (Part 6) Pastor Grace 
7001  Nov-09-2017  Sunday AM   Solomon’s Leadership Pastor Grace 
7000  Nov-05-2017  Wednesday PM   Ruth–An Introduction (Lesson 1) Pastor Grace 
6999  Nov-02-2017  Sunday PM   Marriage-Six Kinds of Love Pastor Mike Metzger 
6998  Nov-02-2017  Sunday AM   Solomon and the Two Harlots Pastor Grace 
6997  Oct-29-2008  Wednesday PM   The Book of Judges (Lesson 20) Pastor Grace 
6996  Oct-26-2008  Sunday PM   The Answer for America Dr David Gibbs III 
6995  Oct-26-2008  Sunday AM   The Terrry Schiavo Case Dr David Gibbs III 
6994  Oct-22-2008  Wednesday PM   The Book of Judges (Lesson 19) Pastor Grace 
6993  Oct-19-2008  Sunday PM   I Corinthians Study (Part 5) Pastor Grace 
6992  Oct-19-2008  Sunday AM   Seeking God’s Wisdom Pastor Grace 
6991  Oct-15-2008  Wednesday PM   Conquering Unforgiveness Ardy Parlin 
6990  Oct-12-2008  Sunday PM   Victory Over the Great Destroyer Ardy Parlin 
6989  Oct-12-2008  Sunday AM   Signs of Spiritual Decline Ardy Parlin 
6988  Oct-08-2017  Wednesday PM   The Book of Judges (Lesson 18) Pastor Grace 
6987  Oct-05-2017  Sunday PM   I Corinthians Study (Part 4) Pastor Grace 
6986  Oct-05-2017  Sunday AM   Where is God in all of this Pastor Grace 
6985  Oct-01-2017  Wednesday PM   Where is Your Treasure Orville Beckford 
6984  Sep-28-2008  Sunday PM   Why Question Biblical Authority Dr. James Gardner 
6983  Sep-28-2008  Sunday AM   Which Path Are You On James Gardner 
6982  Sep-24-2008  Wednesday PM   The Book of Judges (Lesson 17) Pastor Grace 
6981  Sep-21-2008  Sunday PM   I Corinthians Study (Part 3) Pastor Grace 
6980  Sep-28-2017  Sunday AM   Living a Life that Really Matters Pastor Grace 
6979  Sep-17-2008  Wednesday PM   The Book of Judges (Lesson 16) Pastor Grace 
6978  Sep-14-2008  Sunday PM   I Corinthians Study (Part 2) Pastor Grace 
6977  Sep-14-2008  Sunday AM   Introduction to King Solomon Pastor Grace  
6976  Sep-10-2008  Wednesday PM   The Book of Judges (Lesson 15) Pastor Grace 
6975  Sep-07-2017  Sunday PM   Life Lessons from David’s Life Pastor Jeff Blizzard 
6973  Sep-03-2017  Wednesday PM   Samson Pastor Grace 
6972  Aug-31-2008  Sunday PM   I Corinthians Study (Part 1) Pastor Grace 
6971  Aug-31-2008  Sunday AM   Teach a Just man and He will Increase in Learning Pastor Grace 
6970  Aug-27-2008  Wednesday PM   Samson Pastor Grace 
6969  Aug-24-2008  Sunday PM   African Trip Testimony Pastor Grace 
6968  Aug-24-2008  Sunday AM   Labourers Together with God Pastor Grace 
6967  Aug-20-2008  Wednesday PM   Be Still and know that I AM God Henry Laparra 
6966  Aug-17-2008  Sunday PM   Being A Gold Medal Christian Mike Barone 
6965  Aug-17-2008  Sunday AM   Living in Obedience to God Pastor Metzger 
6964  Aug-13-2008  Wednesday PM   Recovering From a Victory Pastor Gary Sauer 
6963  Aug-10-2008  Sunday PM   The Battle for God Missionary Mike Ireland 
6962  Aug-10-2008  Sunday AM   There is a Place Pastor Brado 
6961  Aug-06-2017  Bible Conference  The Church in Action Dr. Tom Messer 
6960  Aug-05-2017  Bible Conference  What Will They Say About You Evangelist Steve Cowgill 
6959  Aug-04-2017  Bible Conference  The Church Cannot be Stopped Dr. Tom Messer 
6958  Aug-03-2017  Sunday PM   The Colt that Christ Used Evangelist Steve Cowgill 
6957  Aug-03-2017  Sunday AM   Presence of Jesus in the church Dr. Tom Messer 
6959  Jul-30-2008  Wednesday PM   Serving Christ - What a Privilege Missionary Walt Silva 
6955  Jul-27-2008  Sunday PM   Spiritual Profiling Dr. Keen 
6954  Jul-27-2008  Sunday AM   A Sad Story with a Happy Ending Dr. Keen 
6953  Jul-23-2008  Wednesday PM   The Book of Judges (Lesson 12) Pastor Grace 
6952  Jul-20-2008  Sunday PM   The Journey of Father Abraham Pastor Tumia 
6951  Jul-20-2008  Sunday AM   For a Dream Cometh Pastor Grace 
6950  Jul-16-2008  Wednesday Pm   The Circuit Riding Preacher Pastor Sauer 
6949  Jul-13-2008  Sunday PM   Wrong Turns Lot Took Pastor Brado 
6948  Jul-13-2008  Sunday AM   10 Commandments for the Mouth Pastor Grace 
6947  Jul-09-2017  Wednesday PM   The Book of Judges (Lesson 11) Pastor Grace  
6946  Jul-06-2017  Sunday PM   Foundations of the NT Church Pastor Grace 
6945  Jul-06-2017  Sunday AM   Thinking Like Jesus leads to Living Like Jesus Pastor Grace 
6944  Jul-02-2017  Wednesay PM   The Book of Judges (Lesson 10) Pastor Grace 
6942  Jun-29-2008  Sunday AM   What is Truth (Part 2) Pastor Grace 
6941  Jun-25-2008  Wednesday PM   Rebuilding the Walls Barry Lawrence 
6940  Jun-22-2008  Sunday AM   What is Truth Pastor Grace 
6940  Jun-23-2008    Sermon Notes (6940-062208a.pdf)  
6939  Jun-18-2008  Wednesday PM   The Book Of Judges-Lesson 9 Pastor Grace 
6938  Jun-15-2008  Sunday AM   Being Right with God and Others Randy Hogue 
6937  Jun-11-2008  Wednesday PM   The Book of Judges (Lesson 8) Pastor Grace 
6936  Jun-08-2017  Sunday PM   Evangelism-Part 9 Pastor Jeff Blizzard 
6935  Jun-08-2017  Sunday AM   Do Other Spiritual Beings Exist Pastor Grace 
6935  Jun-09-2008    Sermon Notes (6935-060808a.pdf)  
6934  Jun-04-2017  Wednesday PM   Crisis We Are in Here in NY Pastor Tom Stiles 
6933  Jun-01-2017  Sunday PM   Answering Objections to the Word of God Pastor Brado 
6932  Jun-09-2008    Sermon Notes (6932-060108a.pdf)  
6932  Jun-01-2017  Sunday AM   What Happens After We Die Pastor Grace 
6931  May-28-2008  Wednesday PM   The Book of Judges (Lesson 7) Pastor Grace 
6930  May-25-2008  Sunday PM   The Dangers to the Disciple Mike Ireland 
6929  May-25-2008  Sunday AM   Purpose of Humanity Pastor Grace 
6929  May-28-2008    Sermon Notes (6929-052508a.pdf)  
6928  May-21-2008  Wednesday PM   The Book of Judges (Lesson 6) Pastor Grace 
6927  May-18-2008  Sunday PM   Evangelism-Part 7 Pastors Curran and Blizzard 
6926  May-18-2008  Sunday AM   How and Why was the World Created Pastor Grace 
6926  May-28-2008    Sermon Notes (6926-051808a.pdf)  
6925  May-14-2008  Wednesday PM   NSBI Graduation Pastor Dale Nuijens 
6924  May-11-2008  Sunday AM   Qualities That Make a Great Mother Pastor Grace 
6923  May-08-2017  Wednesday PM   Prudent Actions... Gary Thornton 
6922  May-04-2017  Sunday PM   Patriotic Celebration - Testimony Dr Tim Lee 
6921  May-04-2017  Sunday AM   Commitment Dr Tim Lee 
6920  Apr-30-2008  Wednesday PM   The Book of Judges (Lesson 5) Pastor Grace 
6919  Apr-27-2008  Sunday PM   Personal Evangelism-Part 7 Pastors Curran and Grace 
6918  Apr-27-2008  Sunday AM   What is God like (Worldview 5) Pastor Grace 
6918  Apr-28-2008    Sermon Notes (6918-042708a.pdf)  
6917  Apr-20-2008  Sunday PM   Personal Evangelism-Part 6 Pastors Malcolm, Palma and Allen 
6916  Apr-20-2008  Sunday AM   Does God Exist? (Worldview 4) Pastor Grace 
6916  Apr-28-2008    Sermon Notes (6916-042008a.pdf)  
6915  Apr-16-2008  Wednesday PM   The Book of Judges (Lesson 4) Pastor Grace 
6914  Apr-13-2008  Sunday PM   Evangelism - Ice Breakers Vinnie Tumia 
6913  Apr-13-2008  Sunday AM   Seven Mind Changing Questions Pastor Grace 
6913  Apr-28-2008    Sermon Notes (6913-041308a.pdf)  
6912  Apr-09-2017  Wednesday PM   Pleasing God and Doing Right Pastor Curran 
6911  Apr-08-2017  Tuesday Missions Conference  Righteousness of Bible Characters Jim Taglialatella 
6910  Apr-07-2017  Monday Missions Conference  Sent the Way Jesus Was Pastor Brado 
6909  Apr-06-2017  Sunday PM   Holding The Ropes Pastor Tumia 
6908  Apr-06-2017  Sunday AM   Biblical World Views-2 Pastor Grace 
6908  Apr-28-2008    Sermon Notes (6908-040608a.pdf)  
6907  Apr-02-2017  Wednesday PM Serevices  The Book of Judges (Lesson 3) Pastor Grace 
6906  Mar-30-2008  Sunday PM   Personal Evangelism-Part 4 Pastors Metzger and Sauer 
6905  Mar-30-2008  Sunday AM   Biblical World Views-1 Pastor Grace 
6905  Apr-28-2008    Sermon Notes (6905-033008a.pdf)  
6904  Mar-26-2008  Wednesday PM   The Book of Judges (Lesson 2) Pastor Grace 
6903  Mar-23-2008  Sunday AM   The Resurrection of Jesus Christ Pastor Grace 
6902  Mar-19-2008  Wednesday PM   The Book of Judges- Lesson 1 Pastor Grace 
6901  Mar-16-2008  Sunday PM   The Resurrection Billy Wood 
6900  Mar-16-2008  Sunday AM   Help for the Hurting Parent Pastor Metzger 
6899  Mar-12-2008  Wednesday PM   The Cross Centered Life Pastor Curran 
6898  Mar-09-2017  Sunday PM   Personal Evangelism-Part 3 Pastors Metzger and Sauer 
6897  Mar-09-2017  Sunday AM   Parenting Styles Pastor Metzger 
6896  Mar-05-2017  Wednesday PM   Arise Therefore and Be Doing Charlie Barkowski 
6895  Mar-02-2017  Sunday PM   Personal Evangelism-Part 2 Pastor Blizzard/Pastor Curran/Pastor Blizzard 
6894  Mar-02-2017  Sunday AM   The Art of Single Parenting Pastor Vince Tumia 
6893  Feb-27-2008  Wednesday PM   NYFCF Report / The Privilege of Prayer Pastor Tom Stiles 
6892  Feb-24-2008  Sunday PM   Pesonal Evangelism-Part 1 Pastors Curran and Grace 
6891  Feb-24-2008  Sunday AM   What Children Wish Their Parents Knew Pastor Grace 
6890  Feb-20-2008  Wednesday PM   The Covenant Renewed Pastor Grace 
6889  Dec-31-1969  Sunday PM   If I Were 18 Again Pastor Tumia 
6888  Feb-18-2008  Sunday AM   A Decent and Orderly Home Dr. Bob Brado 
6687  Feb-13-2008  Wednesday PM   Joshua's Farewell Address Pastor Grace 
6886  Feb-10-2008  Sunday PM   The Day of the Lord Dr Jimmy DeYoung 
6885  Feb-10-2008  Sunday AM   Big Picture - Book of Revelation Dr Jimmy DeYoung 
6884  Feb-06-2017  Wednesday PM   Resolving Misunderstandings Pastor Grace 
6883  Feb-03-2017  Sunday PM services  Paying Your Marriage Vows David Skiff 
6882  Feb-03-2017  Sunday AM   Ten Rules (Part 12) Pastor Grace 
6882  Feb-07-2008    Sermon Notes (6882-020308a.pdf)  
6881  Jan-27-2008  Sunday PM   Have You Been Disappointed? Don Curran 
6880  Jan-27-2008  Sunday AM   What Color is Your Ribbon Bob Brado 
6879  Jan-23-2008  Wednesday PM   Don't Stay on Mt. Seir Many Days Pastor Brado 
6878  Jan-20-2008  Sun PM  Philosophy, Mission and Vision Pastor Grace 
6877  Jan-20-2008  Sunday AM   Ten Rules (Part 10) Pastor Grace 
6877  Feb-07-2008    Sermon Notes (6877-012008a.pdf)  
6876  Jan-16-2008  Wednesday PM   The Levites Pastor Grace 
6875  Jan-13-2008  Sunday PM   Missions into all the World Kevin Pestke 
6874  Jan-13-2008  Sunday AM   Ten Rules (Part 9) Pastor Grace 
6874  Feb-07-2008    Sermon Notes (6874-011308a.pdf)  
6873  Jan-09-2017  Wednesday PM   What We Believe About Jesus Ken Pitcher 
6872  Jan-06-2017  Sunday PM   Call of A Missionary Bobby Bonner 
6871  Jan-06-2017  Sunday AM   Ten Rules (Part 8) Pastor Grace 
6871  Feb-07-2008    Sermon Notes (6871-010608a.pdf)  
6870  Jan-02-2008  Wednesday PM   Trusting God in the Midst of Trouble Pastor Metzger