For the love of Mom! (a look back)

For the love of Mom! (a look back)

There is always a greater sense of family as we celebrate Mother’s Day. The biggest burly guy on the block could turn to mush when it comes to his momma. For most, Mom is our greatest inspiration. She was the one who cared for us through every situation.

  • She rubbed our back while we were hovering over the toilet sick
  • She warmed us through our chills
  • She prepared our clothes
  • She made our favorite meals

This last Sunday we celebrated mom and her immeasurable influence on the next generation. Hannah illustrated how love and faith can change the world, one life at a time. One prayer at a time. Each small investment, which may seem inconsequential, is a seed of character and hope.

One of the ways we celebrated mom was with sticky notes. If you were there, you can understand the concept. Each note, written by the kids and teens, highlighted how their moms show love to them. The variety of messages was heart-warming and even humorous. Read a couple…

  • Makes mosquito bites feel better
  • Loves me no matter what and is my best friend
  • She washes dishes
  • She always forgives
  • She is always there for me even in the tufest of times (no spell check available 🙂 )
  • She is a good snogler (love the spelling)
  • Great talker

The line for the family Photo Booth was long but fun. Celebrate the day all over again by visiting the picture page at

If you haven’t read the blog post leading up to Mother’s Day, check it out– it could be exactly what you need.

“ and faith can change the world, one life at a time. One prayer at a time.”

We all can appreciate our mother and those that are mother’s around us. It is something we can do in small ways every day like we did this last weekend.

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