“First Steps” Discipleship Track

Salvation is only the beginning point of knowing God. While salvation is an event, our spiritual growth is a process. The Bible compares a new believer to a dependent baby and in need of help to grow. Some essential keys are familiar to anyone who has trusted Christ as their Savior.

Everyone has a “first step” in pursuing God and His expectations for us.  These steps play a significant role in how we seek God for the rest of our lives.  This track brings answers to how to build a strong foundation in the life of a new or immature believer.

Inside Look:

Lessons in this track:

  • The Word of God: Reveals the authority and practicality of the Word of God in our lives.
  • Salvation: Examines what took place at salvation and how our decision to become a Christian has affected our relationship with God.
  • Eternal Security: Explores the permanence of the salvation that God made possible through Jesus Christ.
  • Baptism: Gives perspective to the purpose and format of believer’s baptism.
  • Dealing with sin: Studies the constant struggle with sin and how to overcome it in our lives.
  • The local church: Discovers the importance and central role of the church in the believer’s life.

This track has a $5 fee for materials and can be picked up at FBBC. Outside of FBBC, the cost is $10 for each book. Please contact Pastor Vinnie Tumia with any questions.