“Following God” Discipleship Track

Following God is the most incredible privilege available in the human experience. You can sense the desire in Paul’s voice when he penned: “[oh] that I may know Him.” God’s desire is to continuously reveal His nature, plans, and expectations to us in straightforward, tangible ways. Our decisions and disciplines can play a significant role in how God reveals His greatness in our lives. The most incredible way for someone to remember us would be as one that was “following God.” This track brings answers to the questions about how we can really know God.

Inside Look:

Lessons in this track:

  • The Word of God: Reveals the authority and practicality of the Word of God in our lives.
  • Salvation: Examines what took place at salvation and how our decision to become a Christian has affected our relationship with God.
  • Eternal Security: Explores the permanence of the salvation that God made possible through Jesus Christ.
  • Baptism: Gives perspective to the purpose and format of believer’s baptism.
  • Dealing with Sin: Studies the constant struggle with sin and how to overcome it in our lives.
  • Having a Heart for God: Explores what it means to have a heart for God, and how to develop it.

This track has a $5 fee for materials and can be picked up at FBBC. Outside of FBBC, the cost is $10 for each book. Please contact Pastor Vinnie Tumia with any questions.