Ladies Groups

Leaders: Ladies Rise Above: Beth Giordano

Meets: Monday Nights from 6:30-8:30

Location: FBBC Wedge Room

  • Theme: Ladies Rise Above: Utilizes biblical truths and personal assessment tools in a large group setting in order to encourage and empower women & teens to Rise Above lifes discouragements and disappointments.
  • Description: Come join us at Rise Above where we will examine all three areas of personal discouragement:
    1. Spiritual Discouragement - We are taught in Sunday School that God is faithful, loving, and kind - while at the same time, our discouraging life events have led us to believe that he is distant, untrustworthy, and unjust. Rise Above will help you to overcome the conflict between the facts in your head and the feelings in your heart.
    2. Emotional Discouragement - We often try to fill our 7 inner core needs with things that were never meant to fill them. Rise Above will help you to identify your own personal needs and encourage you to begin filling them in God honoring ways that will bring true fulfillment and joy!
    3. Physical Discouragement - Our brains are the organ of thought, action, personality, and feeling. They help to determine our choices, behaviors, and attitudes, as well as how we relate to others. They are an extremely important part of our lives, yet we rarely consider what they need in order to develop spiritual and emotional well-being. Rise Above will examine topics such as: Food and behavior, blood sugar levels, serotonin and beta-endorphins, the importance of sleep, food intolerance, dehydration and much more!
  • Duration: Beginning September 24th (for 12 weeks)
  • Goals:
    1. Our LG will provide a topical study of scripture and practical application for Christian living while offering accountability, encouragement and biblical fellowship to get to know each other and help one another to grow closer to our Lord Jesus Christ.
    2. Pray for and with one another
  • Food: Coffee & tea
  • Kids: No

Leaders: Alicia Mendola

Meets: Monday nights, 7-8:30pm

Location: 152 Old English Dr, Greece

  • Theme: Marriage
  • Description: Six women will speak on marriage.
    10/1 Barb Kaiser
    10/8 Nancy Motley
    10/15 Gail Cresswell
    10/22 Barb Stiles
    10/29 Colette Fabry
  • Duration: Mon Sept 24-Oct 29
  • Goals: To encourage women
  • Food: sign up dish to pass
  • Kids: No children (nursing newborns welcome)

Leaders: Kari Dutton and Terese Main

Meets: Mon 7p-9p

Location: 3027 Buffalo Rd

  • Theme: God’s Attributes
  • Description: Join us as we read a chapter a week from Jen Wilkins' book, "None Like Him" and dig into 10 ways God is different from us.
  • Duration: Mondays, Oct. 8 - Dec. 17 / 7p-9p
  • Goals:
  • Food: Coffee & tea, food is optional
  • Kids: No

Leaders: Mrs. Nancy Kinslow

Meets: Tue evenings 7-8:30 pm

Location: 159 Shadmore Dr, Greece

  • Theme: Living above our circumstances
  • Description: Are you afraid of the dark? Sometimes spiritual darkness is scarier than actual visual darkness. Join us for a study of learning how to gain increased spiritual victory beyond our perceived darkness. Jennifer helps the student to walk by faith, not by sight, surrender control more fully to God, and persevere through the challenges of life when we cant see what God is doing through our circumstances.
  • Duration: Tues. Oct. 9 - Tues. November 13 (6 weeks)
  • Goals: 1- to increase our understanding and application of the Word of God
    2- Building and strengthen our fellowship with other Christian women
    3- Participate in a community project
  • Food: Please sign up for one week of treats (necessary for all classes)
  • Kids: No

this group is currently full

Leaders: Jan Jalowiec and Kim Vitelli

Meets: Thursday, 7-8:30pm

Location: 120 Woodmill Drive, Greece

  • Theme: Learning to let God be the author of our Happily Ever After
  • Description: An in-depth discussion of the book "Control Girl", how it applies to our daily situations, and now we can truly trust God to orchestrate and guide us in our lives, desires and hopes.
  • Duration: 9 sessions (Mon Sept.13 - Nov. 9)
  • Goals: To encourage each woman to see God in her daily life, and to critically evaluate situations in her life that may be places of hesitation when it comes to passionately following God.
  • Food: Drinks
  • Kids: No