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The Mission
The goal of reaching more people for God is not just a part of the mission of the church. The fact is, that Jesus’ mission was to bring worshippers to the Father. To accomplish that today, he formed his church. The church exists to carry out Jesus’ mission. The purpose of the church is to bring more worshippers to the Father. Everything that the church does, ought to be causing that to happen – making more and better followers of Jesus.

Pray, Invest, Invite
While the church has many activities, some of which are focused on reaching those that don’t yet know Jesus, the primary outreach strategy of First Bible Baptist Church if for each of its attendees to Pray, Invest and Invite in the lives of their Family, Friends and Neighbors.

The church has a mission, but really, the mission has a church.

Missionaries Sent From First Bible

Mike & Wanda Grace – Alaska, USA

Cindy Haas – Native Americans

Mike and Denise Ireland – Ukraine

Dan & Jan Jalowiec – Zambia, Africa

Little Red Book – Worldwide

Mark & Patty Palma – The Dominican Republic

Gary & Jhan Sauer – Athletes in Action

Jim & Sue Taglialatela – Spain