Join us in the WORD365 journey in 2018!

Like the disciples after the Resurrection, our lives should testify to a spiritually resurrected life! This month’s plan will help challenge and encourage you to make wise decisions and live a transformed life! Click on the “Choose Life” picture below.

April’s Bible Reading Plan

Choose Life: Readings For Radical Disciples (10 days)

Choose Life invites you to start a 10-day journey of making wise choices. These short readings are filled with truth and humor, quotes and wisdom, guiding you, the reader, into weeks of intentional decision making. Who will you follow when times get tough? Where will you turn when things don’t work out? May we all, wherever we find ourselves, choose to love God and love people with all that we’ve got, living life to the full as we follow unashamedly in the footsteps of the risen Jesus Christ.

April’s Practical Application Challenge

This month’s challenge is to do something radical. Radical like Jesus and the disciples. Radical in behavior to our old (self-centered) ways. Jesus said in John 14:15, “if ye love me, keep my commandments.” I don’t know how the Holy Spirit will lead you to be “radical” like Jesus, but seek Him to find out. Maybe you’ll be led to be obedient in an area of your life that you haven’t been. Maybe you’ll share the Gospel with someone at the Spirit’s leading, or give to someone that the Spirit prompts you to give to. Whatever it is, we do in obedience to His word, we show our love for Him and we live radically! Be a radical disciple of Jesus!!