Life is full of twists and turns. Each of us has diverse experiences that prove to be challenging and, at times, overwhelming. It could be the impact of COVID, job loss, or misunderstandings at home. Or, it could be that you are facing anxiety, fear, parenting difficulties, anger, or abuse. All of us see dark skies in life.  First Bible wants to offer help.


Mike Metzger and Jeff Allen lead our team of qualified people with the experience and skills to assist you in navigating these situations. You can find available times to meet with someone for guidance and Biblical insight below:
Mobile Phone: 585-789-1097
Jeff Allen
Jeff is a graduate of the Northstar Bible Institute and recently earned his master’s degree in counseling from Clark Summit University. Currently, he works part-time at Rochester Anger Management and part-time with the team at First Bible.  To get in touch with Jeff, you can call, text or email and he will schedule an appointment with you.
Mobile Phone: (585) 415-1026
Mike Metzger
Pastor Mike has been counseling for over three decades and brings practical help, especially in areas facing families. You can set an appointment in a couple ways:

Schedule an Appointment: