It is the mission First Bible to provide opportunities for people of all ages to know God. Our long-time commitment is to be innovative as we offer families a safe place to experience God and grow in their faith. We understand the challenges parents face in a society that seems less and less safe over time. We pledge to listen to parents and professionals as we aim for excellence in everyone’s safety, especially our children. While the list would be too long to detail here, and a touch bland, we want to share a few principles that are the backbone of our passion for safety.

  1. We have a skilled and trained volunteer safety team that watches over our facility as services and classes are in session. They maintain open communication with all the critical leaders through our Two-way radio system.
  2. We equipped our building with over 30 security cameras that our team can view in two security centers.
  3. We have a great volunteer base that ministers to our children. Each one follows an application process that includes Background Checks and training called “Reducing The Risk.”
  4. We take special care that our building and rooms are clean and sanitized after use. This care also includes being sensitive to allergies that may be a problem for those who attend.

This short list is a sample of what we commit to as we serve families. Each of our significant Children’s Ministries has a “Playbook” that houses our essential policies. We count it an honor to serve our families and their children and continue to work hard to make all we do a safe place to know God.

Nursery Care

Welcome to the First Bible Baptist Church Nursery where we provide loving, safe, and secure care for children from infants through 36 months during all of our services. We believe in cultivating an atmosphere where a child’s physical, spiritual, emotional, and intellectual needs and development are promoted.

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Welcome to Children’s Ministries at First Bible Baptist Church where children experience an authentic worship service, hear sound Biblical instruction and make connections with adult leaders and other children!

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Awana is a global, nonprofit ministry committed to the belief that the greatest impact for Christ starts with kids who know, love and serve Him.

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Summit Teens

Summit Student Ministries thrives to create opportunities for students to experience the wonder of God and a love for people. Summit meets Sunday mornings during 10:30 service and mid-week on Wednesday evenings.

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MERGE is a ministry that creates opportunities for young adults to experience an awe for God and a love for people. We have a passion to encourage young adults ages 18-25 in finding their unique identity in Christ, and their personal role in the life of the church.

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