“Living out our Faith” Discipleship Track

At some point in our Christian life, we all realize that the honeymoon experience dissipates. Life gets real. We need answers that go beyond the pat answers or the energy of the Sunday morning worship. We have coworkers that don’t know Christ, we face temptations that threaten to ruin us, and we have to make decisions that seem insurmountable. What we need to know is how to live the Bible on Monday morning as we struggle to live out our faith. This track brings answers to the questions facing those that want to make their faith more meaningful.

Inside Look:

Lessons in this track:

  1. Lifestyle of worship: Explores the believer’s response of worship toward God in every area of life.
  2. The everyday gospel: Takes a look at the responsibility of the believer to take the gospel to unbelievers in our sphere.
  3. The battle of temptation: Studies the real dangers of temptation and how we can be successful against each one.
  4. The importance of stewardship: Reveals the Christian’s responsibility in the stewardship of his life and his resources.
  5. Discipleship relationships: Studies the importance of being involved in the maturity process of other believers.
  6. Discovering the Will of God: Explores the process of knowing God’s will for us.

Please contact Dillon Brisco, Discipleship Pastor, with any questions.