Seven Ways to Pray for FBBC Missionaries

1. Relationship with God

  • faithfulness in Bible study and prayer
  • Freshness in walk with God, focus on Jesus
  • Fullness of the Spirit, listening to Him.

2. Family

  • Healthy relationship with spouse
  • Wisdom as parents; education of children
  • Good ties with family back home
  • Contentment, if single, and good friendships

3. Health

  • Adaptation of climate, food, “bugs,” living
  • Good physical health and regular exercise
  • Safety in travel and from other dangers
  • Strong emotional health in times of loneliness and discouragement
  • Continued personal growth through reading, etc.

4. Cultural Adaptation

  • Strong language acquisition
  • Patience in, understanding of, and love for a different culture.
  • Becoming all things to all men to save some.

5. Ministry

  • God to open doors and hearts for the Gospel
  • The Spirit’s guidance in effective strategy
  • Souls saved, disciples made, churches planted, national leaders developed
  • More laborers to be raised up, local or foreign

6. Relationships with other missionaries & Nationals

  • Good communication, openness, and understanding
  • Healthy dealing with tension and forgiveness
  • Mutual building up in the spirit of love and unity

7. Country of service

  • National and local political leaders
  • Peace and safety so the Gospel may spread
  • Openness to Christian activity, visas
  • National Church to grow strong and effective