The mission of the church is to take the Gospel to all the world. One way that we work towards accomplishing that mission is by taking short-term foreign missions trips.

Below are the trips that First Bible is planning:

Previous Trips

Zaragoza, Spain — Missionary Jim Taglialatela

Team Leader — Alex Sluk
When: September 25 to October 4, 2018
Cost: $1600-$2000
Description: English Café — English language skills are highly sought after in many parts of the world. As native English speakers we will work together with our missionary hosts to provide conversational English language learning opportunities in the casual setting of a café. Contacts made will provide follow-up and discipleship opportunities for our missionaries.


Leech Lake Reservation, Bemidji, MN — Missionary Billy Haas

Team Leader — Pastor Don Curran
When: August 3-10
Cost: $1300-$1500
Description: VBS / Sports Camp / Minor maintenance — Minister to Native American children using similar methods, techniques, and curriculum developed in G & T Athletics and Summer Kidz Club. There are additional opportunities to perform minor routine maintenance and repair for wheelchair ramps, etc.

Rochester — Flower City Work Camp

Team Leader — Jon Spargo
When: April 2-6, 2018
Cost: $135

FBBC/ 1 Week

Summit Student Ministry is once again engaging in Flower City Work Camp, an inner-city outreach that combine worksites, sports camps, and sidewalk clubs, in one massive push to impact our city. While worksites are busy repairing homes in need of some TLC, sports camps and sidewalk clubs are ministering to the neighborhood children with the goal of them seeing Christ in the lives of our students. We could still use help with repairs, making lunches and guiding students.

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Watch the Haiti Trips Testimonial night

Haiti — Defending the Orphan & Coreluv

Team Leader — Jeremy Demarest
When: February 12-16, 2018
Description: VBS / Sports / Minor maintenance projects — Connecting with children that are longing for attention and affection and serving in the orphanage and community surrounding Myan, Haiti. Minister through VBS and sports to orphans and locals in the nearby village who are in need of love and compassion.

Haiti — Elevate Children

Team Leader — Jake Fabry
When: February 1-8, 2018
FBBC/Elevating Christian Ministries
Elevate Children | 1 Week

Serve in rural schools helping Elevate the children & education in local villages. We will be serving in ECM partner schools across Haiti including Terre Nueve, Lascahobas, Saint Martin, and Drouin. Targeting the children and families with the LOVE of Jesus! Activities, sports, and feeding the kids