First Blog

Welcome to the FBBC blog. We are happy to begin this new adventure with you. Our staff has worked hard to renew our website to be more accessible, helpful, and clean. One part of the update is providing this weekly blog. In it, we will pull back the curtain into who we are, what we do. We will also provide helpful insights into our journey toward God. Each week our goal is to have at least two entries, sometimes more. We are planning a variety of topics and themes that will be of interests to everyone. Following are a few of the ideas we have outlined:

  • Devotional entries that follow our #word365 readings.
  • Promotion of upcoming church events and why you will not want to miss.
  • Insights into parenting young children.
  • Ideas to help with parenting teens.
  • Practical insights for husbands and wives.
  • Issues that men face.
  • Issues that women face.

Our desire is for the blog to become a resource tool to provide help in a myriad of areas. It will be completely searchable by keywords and dates. We are also inviting you to communicate your ideas for topics, insights, and thoughts with us. You can follow the blog and receive a notification when a new entry is added. Stayed tuned! In all, we welcome you to our new world of blogging!