What would you give to change a life?

What would you give to change a life?

The most notable reputation of Spring Break includes faraway beaches, oceanside bonfires, and crowds of friends. For some 800 Rochester students, it was more about cramped sleeping quarters, shuttles to a cold shower, and long work days. But if you ask them, they wouldn’t change a thing. The students choosing the latter were ones that exhausted their coveted vacation days serving at Flower City Work Camp. You can see how the local news covered our great week:


With a long history dating back to 1986, Flower City Work Camp was introduced to FBBC in a bigger way just recently.

When housing fell through for our NYC missions trip four years ago, Summit leadership scrambled to find a replacement. We landed on a local opportunity with Flower City. Our first year was a scouting year. Summit sent a smaller group of about 15 junior and senior high students and a handful of adults.

Now in our fourth year, the excitement of serving caught the hearts of 45 students and 39 FBBC adults. Uniting with over 55 other Rochester-area churches, we served in a range of areas.

  • Repairing 53 needy homes
  • Soccer Camps
  • Basketball Camps
  • Side-walk Clubs

In all, over 1,000 kids heard the gospel with 65 trusting Christ as their Savior. This is how one of our Summit students described her week:

“My first year at Flower City was one of the most life changing experiences. Ministering to the kids at each site and having them pour into my life was incredible. I was amazed by how much God enabled me to do what was uncomfortable. The worship and messages each night impacted me in a major way, so much so that I cried many tears… For those of you who haven’t done Flower City Work Camp, let me tell you it is the most “worth it” way to spend your spring break.” –Olivia Gray, Senior.

“I was amazed by how much God enabled me to do what was uncomfortable.”

Kudos to all the students and the 750 adult leaders who gave their vacation week to see these lives changed. It sure makes the lost sleep and endless hours worth it.

What some see as a sacrifice, others now describe as an investment in eternity. Those that gave up their Spring Break would pay to have the experiences of the week. Actually, they did. And they would again.

If you want to see other photos and stories of students, jump over to the FCWC facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/flowercityworkcamp/). Also, use the hashtag (#FCWC17) in the FB or Instagram search to see other great memories of the week.

We have great anticipation that next year will be the biggest year yet. Mark Spring Break 2018 as a staycation in the city of Rochester!