Thank You, Wally!

Thank You, Wally!

Walter Malcom – Uncle Wally – Pastor Walt

No matter how we know him, Wally is a great guy. He doesn’t put on a show; he just does what needs to be done in a humble, thankful, willing and efficient way.

Wally joined First Bible in July, 1967. He worked for Kodak but was always quick to volunteer. He proved his abilities building a large A-Frame and cabins at Circle 7 Ranch, so much that when we built Building 3 on North Greece Rd in 1975-76, he was the Contractor. In 1979, he became our Business and Facilities Manager. Since that time, he has had a hand (and a hammer) in everything we have done: Building 4 and the Bus Barn at 1039; remodeling and repurposing buildings at 1039 into a Cafe, a Chapel, new Sunday school rooms, and more; assisting in the engineering and development of Grace & Truth Sports Park at 373 N. Greece Rd; purchasing and using Northstar Christian Academy’s property  on Spencerport Road; and preparing and constructing this beautiful building at 990 Manitou Road.

He has been in charge of our budget preparation and management, purchasing, dealing with legal issues and planning boards, served as our Office Manager and Bus Administrator, both driving bus and training new drivers. He has also logged hundreds of hours and possibly thousands of miles plowing snow in our parking lots.

Pastor George Grace has said more than once, that Walt always saved us at least as much as we paid him, every year. It would have cost us more if we hadn’t hired him, than it did to have him on board.

Wally and Gerry served for 10 years in our Youth Ministry. He has a heart for young people, at church, at Northstar and the Sports Park. He has a love for people, a love for God, and he is a faithful prayer warrior. He loves God’s Word and God’s work. He has been one of the first to come alongside and lend a hand to more ministries than we know, from here to Arctic Alaska.

There is no way to tell you all about Wally – because only God knows what a faithful servant he is. But we can say “thank you.” Please make an opportunity to let Walter and Gerry Malcolm know how much we love and appreciate them.