Do you remember when….?

Do you remember when….?

We all have certain memories in our lives that remain in full color. We can watch that day in full detail. We can see the sights, hear the sounds, and sniff the smells. They made an impact on us. There are also landmark events for every organization. Days that will go down as unforgettable. First Bible has a rich history of such events.

  • The sale of our old building known as 1039.
  • The installation of George Grace as pastor in 1983.
  • The transition from Pastor Grace to Pastor Kevin in 2016.
  • The collapse of the church roof at 1039 in 1999.
  • The grand opening of the Sports Park.
  • The opening of our new complex at 990 Manitou in 2007.

These randomly listed events represent a much longer one than we can print. Everyone can add a story or an event. Missionaries called to the field, Bible conferences, people coming to Christ.  Wherever the list is, there is a new event we must add.  Sunday, June 5, 2017,  when 56 people came together to say,  “I am not ashamed”.  56 people of all ages.  56 stories of God’s creative grace.  56 disciples dispersing throughout our community.

They all wore identical shirts. Each spoke a message:


Behind the scenes, there is chaos in organizing a full church service that includes 56 people wanting to be publicly baptized.

  • There are too many people for the amount of changing rooms.
  • Shirts had to sorted by size for each person.
  • There had to be two separate sessions of instructions to make time for changing.
  • Everyone needed to fill in registration cards.

The back hallway was filled with nervous people refining what they will say, friends hugging, people laughing, some adjusting their hair. Just Breathe. Remember to cross your arms. Don’t forget to bend your knees.

It was a day like few others. This is what you call organized chaos. Cheerful hysteria. There was no complaining about setting up extra tables for shirts and registration. No worries about all the extra chairs or answering the same question 43 times just to be sure. It was alright that people needed to be there early. No problems with making some 70 phone calls to ensure everyone is prepared.

They all wore identical shirts. Each spoke a message.  Buried.  Raised.  Living.

56 people publicly affirming their allegiance to Christ.  The first Sunday of every month is a celebration of baptisms. Every one of them is important and special. On this Sunday, with 56 in one day, it is one that stands out.

In case you are one of the few that has not already seen the snapshots of this celebration last Sunday, follow one of the following links:

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