The Key To Significance 

The Key To Significance 

Written by Colette Fabry

No one is born with humility. It’s a value that is learned and cultivated. It’s a choice, and takes effort to “put on”. Humility enables lasting, influential ministry and is an attitude of mind that is evidenced through action.

“…Be clothed with humility…” I Peter 5:5

Humility isn’t seen in the Israelites in the book of Isaiah. They were arrogant and didn’t humble themselves before God or man. They were unable to fulfill their greatest commission of glorifying God because they put themselves first.

Isaiah reminded them in chapter 40:22 “It is He that sitteth upon the circle of the earth and the inhabitants thereof are as grasshoppers:…”

In the sight of majestic God, we are like little grasshoppers. Yet we get the privilege of being loved by Him, partaking in His story, and glorifying Him in our lives.

I recently attended the funeral of Medal of Honor recipient Gary Beikirch. As a medic on the battlefield, he was wounded to the point of being paralyzed. Instead of getting treatment for himself, he asked a young boy to carry him to wounded soldiers so he could help save them. He spent his life after the war doing the same; selfless acts of breathing “life” into whomever he came in contact with.

Recently, in the middle of his battle with terminal cancer, he delayed treatment so he could travel and speak to other terminally ill veterans. Similar to what he did in war many years before, he sacrificed himself for the benefit of others. What an impactful life of humility he lived! Gary’s medal opened unimaginable doors for him, but humility made his message effective. It enabled him to reach more people for the gospel than anyone I know.

The promise God makes to the humble is that He will elevate them. God did that for Gary. The words on the screen above his casket said “Amazing grace, how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me”. He knew this truth about himself and lived his life for God, who did so much for him. Although he was courageous, kind, strong, wise and capable, the greatest word to describe him would be humble. Humility enabled his effectiveness in his calling on this earth.

When we die to the ugliness of self, we actually live.

Humility is the key to significance. When we die to the ugliness of self, we actually live. Let us put on humility and glorify the King to this world.

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