What Do Angels Desire to See?

What Do Angels Desire to See?

Written by Colette Fabry 

“…which things the angels desire to look into.” I Peter 1:12

I love thinking about 1 Peter 1. It gives spiritual insight into salvation and believers’ lives on
earth. It describes God’s purpose for us and how it revolves around faith in Him. It speaks of
Jesus and how through His precious blood, we have eternal life. Reading the chapter fills me
with wonder, amazement, and a deep love for God.

Halfway through the chapter, Peter mentions angels. It’s a sentence that doesn’t fit in with the
rest of the text, as if its purpose is to grab our attention. The topic of angels is a little mysterious
and fascinating.

The Bible says:
-There are armies of angels working for God who appear in many different ways and situations.
-Angels encourage and protect believers, and fight spiritual battles on their behalf.
-Angels appear as ordinary men or as frightening, powerful beings.
-There are angels called Seraphim who worship God continually, saying “Holy, holy, holy is the
Lord of hosts; the whole earth is full of his glory.” Isaiah describes them as having many wings
flying around God’s throne.
-There are Cherubim who are powerful attendants, some carrying flaming swords. They also have huge wingspans, and hands like a man.
– There are archangels, mentioned only twice, who are chief angels.

When Peter says, “…which things the angels desire to look into”, the Greek word describes it
like this: “they lean over, peer, stoop down to see.” It implies an eagerness to see!

What exactly do they desire to see?

Throughout the chapter, they seem as fascinated with what’s happening with us as we are with
them. Or maybe, more importantly, they are curious about what God is doing with humanity.
They are in the presence of God in heaven, so their perspective is different from ours. It
appears that they like to look into the beautiful mystery of the gospel and the gift of faith.

Do they wonder why Jesus saves people to the uttermost?
Do they ask how humans can behave as they do, especially the saved?
Are they awed at God’s patience?
Do they question how God could love people as He does?
Maybe they wonder at the mystery of humanity?
Do they understand amazing grace and unbelievable salvation?
Do they shake their heads in shock that God Almighty came to earth and put on flesh to save
Do they understand redemption through the precious blood of the Lamb?

Until eternity we may not be entirely sure what these angels like to “look into”, but I believe that
we, and angels alike, will continue to be fascinated by God and His mighty, miraculous works.

We will forever be “looking into” Him!

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