Thirst Quencher – What’s your “go-to”?

Thirst Quencher – What’s your “go-to”?

Have you ever experienced that painful, dry feeling in your throat? The one where it hurts to breathe, and there’s nothing else on your mind but to quench your thirst? Runners experience it after a long run or a steep climb up a large hill. Only a refreshing drink of cold water can satisfy your thirst. After taking a drink, your throat is immediately soothed and your mind is no longer consumed by thirst. It gives what you need to press on whereas a few moments prior, you didn’t know how you would ever take another step!

We have all felt this way emotionally and spiritually at some point. It could be those painful or dry seasons when life saps everything out of you. What’s your go-to when your soul thirsts and you need some recharging and rest?

It could be that you have tried your favorite social media feeds or a night of bingeing on a Netflix series. Do those “go-to’s” quench the thirsting of your soul? Do they offer you wisdom and help when you’re struggling? We would all agree that these ideas may provide a distraction, but not what we need to tackle life’s challenges.

“Like a cold drink of water refreshes your body, spending time with God in the Bible refreshes your soul.”

My “Gammie”, as she was affectionately referred to, gave me solid advice in the midst of one of life’s tough seasons. She said, “Dillon, Jesus has already stamped and approved this testing and trial in your life. Spend some time with Him each day, in prayer, and His Word. He wants to go through this with you.” I often think of how that advice has been some of the best I’ve ever received.

God knows how our soul thirsts and needs refreshing and rest. Like a cold drink of water refreshes your body, spending time with God in the Bible refreshes your soul. Jesus often spent time alone with His Father and the Holy Spirit for refreshment and rest. Shouldn’t we follow His example?

“But whosoever drinketh of the water that I shall give him shall never thirst; but the water that I shall give him shall be in him a well of water springing up into everlasting life” (John 4:14).

Reading God’s Word each day brings the recharging and rest that we need to tackle life’s challenges. It’s also a way to grow in our relationship with Jesus. The challenge in front of us is to drink daily from the well of everlasting water to quench our spiritual thirst.

This year as a church we’re going to read the “Solid Life” Reading Plan found on YouVersion. 

We invite you to join in. As you spend time in God’s Word and receive refreshment and rest, share it with others by using the hashtag #WORD365!

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